Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Dog's Purpose

Loved this book and I could not put it down. - Temple Grandin

A Dog's Purpose

"A Dog’s Purpose - A Novel for Humans - tells the story of a dog who finds himself reincarnated and decides there must be a reason, a purpose he must fulfill, and until he does so, he’ll continue to be reborn."
Follow the adventures of "Bailey" and "his boy" seen and told through the eyes, ears, and nose of the dog.  You will also meet the "other" narrators of the continuing story.

Bought the audio book and listened to about half of it on the trip to and from Texas.  This is a great book on audio as the reader does a great job in this simple story.

Giving me a greater insight on how our dogs view their world.

Good boy Bailey!

Highly recommended.

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Radar Red Dog said...

Hey way to go Bailey...Highly Recommended...highly deserved...congratulations on your rosette! The book is now on my shopping list!