Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cows, calves and Chloe

New born calves are now with the herds up in the Briones Regional Park Open Space.  Chloe has been around cows since she was 10 weeks old.  She leaves them alone.

This is very important to teach your dog.  LEAVE COWS ALONE.  Don't let your young Vizsla chase cows. The adult cows will protect their calves and think our dogs the same as coyotes and  wolves. They will injure your dog if your dog appears to being getting to close to the young.

Out in the country, where ranchers raise cattle, a loose dog bothering their livestock is looked on the same as the other predators and can be legally shot.

But if you teach your Vizsla like Chloe to leave livestock alone and enjoy the wide open spaces running loose, then a morning walk is great and fantastic for both of us.

Ground squirrels sure are fair game.  A hole in the ground with a ground squirrel hidden deep inside brings out the huntress in Chloe.

10 minutes of digging and she starts to understand that she will loose this battle.  Maybe next time during one of our walks she will win.   This is "dog heaven" for Chloe.

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Radar Red Dog said...

We have the same situation here - the New Forest is overflowing with young calves & foals but we've taught "the boys" to "leave it"...even young Rio ignores them now. Juliet