Friday, August 20, 2010

200th post - A Hungarian Vizsla Video

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Enjoy the video and two wonderful Vizslas.

This musical video took scenes from the movie "The Tale of Two Gypsy Dogs."  A version was was done during season 20 of "The Wonderful World of Disney" in 1964.  The story of a Vizsla, a dachshund and a hawk.  The dogs trying to get back to their owner. 

"That would be the cinematographer of these links, Istvan Homoki-Nagy. So beautiful...

Interestingly enough I recently ran across information (Early Times In Hungary,

published HUNGARIAN REVIEW) about the Vizsla star of this film where the trainer

said the dog had a mental breakdown.. He also said that there were two "Fickos"

in the movie as actors. Seeing this film was shot in the very early fifties, how

the herd of driving horses & diving dog shots were shot is a wonderment.

The real Ficko sired a bitch named Csardas who was lost from her USA owner in a

card game. At the hunting preserve near New York City Csardas retrieved an

astronomical number of pheasants in a weekend. She also helped feed the goats by holding

the bottle. She appeared in a local newspaper, might be the NY times. In turn

Csardas was the dam of the Disney movie star Vizsla named Ficko."

Diana Boggs

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