Friday, April 23, 2010

E-collars are not meant to inflict pain

I use my training collar with Bailey in our training sessions or when out in the open spaces. Never for punishment, only to get his attention and let him know what and where I want him to go.

From Dogs Unlimited:
"Not meant for discipline, electronic training collars are an indispensable training tool.

Have you ever seen someone "training" a dog to come, then zapping it with an e-collar when it refused?

I have, and let me tell you, I wanted to come unglued! A dog will never obey a command that's followed by a jolt of pain.

Have you even seen a dog that blinks birds? More than likely, someone has used a hot e-collar while the dog was in close contact with birds, such as in the breaking process.

E-COLLARS ARE NOT MEANT TO INFLICT PAIN. They are a tap or a tickle -- at most, a discomfort -- to correct unwanted behavior. Here's how Alan Davison of DOGS Unlimited puts it: "A pro handler grabbed me by the ear, twisted it, as hard as he could, then shouted at me, 'WHAT'S YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!! WHAT"S YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!!'

"There was absolutely NO WAY I could remember it, let alone repeat it." This is what you do to your Good Dog when you inflict pain to try to achieve a positive result.

The best use of an e-collar is to break your dogs's attention on an unwanted activity, like running off in the wrong direction. Starting at the lowest setting, send a momentary stimulation. No response? Turn it up one level and try again. Keep increasing the intensity until your dog responds by slowing down, perhaps looking at you. Now give your command to turn, come back, go left, go right, whatever it is. All you need to do is get him out of "the zone" and reminded him of what the two of you are there for: to hunt as a team."


Rowdy said...

Mr. Michaelson, I'm about to start training professionally and am trying to come up with a logo. Can you tell me where you got this clipart at? I'd like to find out if I can get permission to use it. Thanks!

Rowdy Harris

Jed said...

Hello Mr Michaelson,
I have been looking at your Redbirddog blogs with interest and noticed the Logo of the Black Vizsla pointing and absolutley loved it and would to use this to get a some Car Stickers done for a group i belong to North West of the UK who currently meet up with their Vizsla's for a walk, chat and at the end a beer. Please could you let me know if you created this clip art or where you got it from so i could find out if i could get permission to use it. Many thanks Jeremy

jesi k said...

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