Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Viz Whizz that I missed because of the Volcano

From my good English friends to let me know what I missed because the volcano is Iceland stopped my trip. I would have loved meeting all the people and Vizslas. The photographer taking the pictures is VERY GOOD!

Here is the e-mail:
Good morning old chap,
The Whizz went off well today with a our largest ever turn-out of dogs! We reckon 40 (impossible to get them to stay still long enough ot count) came to see Uncle Rod from over the pond so it was a real shame you couldn't make it. We'll do something more sophisticated with the hundreds of photographs taken in due course but in the mean time here is a taster taken by one of the owners Damian…


click to open:  Pictures of the Viz Whizz

The walk was at 1.84 miles pretty short for a Whizz normally (4 - 5 miles +) the puppies would have coped but it would have been hard to pursuade some of the hoomans to do more!

Map of route in the New Forest:

click to open: Map of the New Forest

The below link will show a great slideshow of a "English Viz Whizz"

click to open: 49 pictures of an English Viz Whizz
"To cap a fine day we raised over £100 for Vizsla rescue…
Hope you are all well and wishing you all well,


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John Connelly said...

Yep it sure was a shame you couldn't make it! Those Icelandics - not content with helping to crash the UK banking sector they set their island on fire!!