Friday, April 23, 2010

Motor homes and field trials

Over the last year field trials have been a part of our lives. We would not have been able to enjoy them nearly as much without our little '89 Aero Cruiser 23 foot motorhome.

This has been our home away from home and make field trials a vacation every time.

We are off next weekend into the Delta for a two day field trial at Hastings Island.

I will drive out EARLY Saturday morning and head home Sunday afternoon.

If you are coming to the Northern California Vizsla Club field trial May 1 and May 2, stop by. I should have something cool to drink in the fridge.

Happy trails and trials.


Anonymous said...

Nice RV. We are looking at trailers and RVs too. I will see you SAT at the VCNC event! My job is to plant birds so I promise to do it well for you and Baily.

Ken and Janet said...

We like your motorhome too Rod, it's way more comfy when it's cold and rainy than sitting under a tarp! You've made our last year trialing much more fun too. See ya Saturday!

Tia Oshields said...

That's one cool lookin' RV you have there, Rod! How many trips have you made in that cool RV? Care to share some awesome pics from your trips?