Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A volcano stopped my European trip

What are the odds of the day I plan to travel to Germany that a volcano explodes in Iceland and stops my trip.

So I will not be able to join the "Viz Wizz" in the New Forest in the south of England with 25 Vizslas and their owners.

I was looking forward to visiting with those of you "across the pond."
If any of you make it to the San Francisco area this summer on holiday drop me a line at

I always get out into the hills almost every day with Chloe and Bailey.

Happy trails and trails.


Radar Red Dog said...

Hi Rod - we were so disappointed that you couldn't make it to the were Radar & Rio...they were really looking forward to giving you some good ole vizzie kisses!! Hope you & Joanie manage a trip soon...don't forget that you'll be expected to stay with us! Juliet x

Rod Michaelson said...

You take lots of pictures of the walk and I expect a full write up with those pictures. I was going to do a write up for the Vizsla Club of America on a Yank in the New Forest surrounded by great looking Vizslas. Have a great walk.
We will make it over to England one day in the not to distant future and will take you up on your hospitality.