Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vizslas hunt their first gray squirrel

On today's afternoon walk Bailey and Chloe were having a fine run while I walked the trails.

The Vizslas were in "roam mode" covering the hills both sides of the trial.

As I climbed up a rise, Bailey and Chloe were on the ridge to the right. They came upon a low-lying tree, and first I watched a bird flushed.
The next thing I saw was a squirrel being tossed in the air by Chloe. Then both the dogs teamed up on the squirrel, and the hunt was over in 15 seconds. We don't hunt when we walk, but they are hunting dogs.

I picked up the squirrel by the tail like I do with birds and thanked the dogs for a good hunt. They were VERY HAPPY. They gave me that, "We did good, huh Dad?" look.

I walked a short way and disposed of the squirrel. After that both dogs went into "Hyper-hunt drive" for about twenty minutes. They covered ground like veteran hunting dogs.

Chloe, my sweet little 2-1/2-year-old girl, found her inner huntress.

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Ruby & Sophie said...

Well done Chloe you look very happy with yourself. Lovely photos, find it really interesting as she's the same age as my 'Sophie' who has become quite a hunter herself recently, she's maturing nicely and learning from her big sis.