Sunday, February 21, 2010

Redbirddog walk planned in the New Forest

Well, the England trip for 24 April until 1 May is set but where I end up night to night is still up in the air.

John and Juliet of Radar fame, have invited me on a Vizsla Walk (Viz Wiz) in The New Forest on Sunday morning, the 25th of April. We are to meet at Mill Lawn, near the town of Burley with other local Vizsla owners.

I've told my California Vizsla friends I will post pictures.

Then on Monday, it is off on research on construction methods and emission regulations for work. I will be in a rental car and will start out in Bristol and make a clockwise loop around England.

Birmingham and Manchester will be part of the "tour'. On Thursday, I will be outside of Cambridge at the Air Museum in Duxford, and on Friday the last stop in London before flying out of Heathrow on Saturday morning, 1st of May for home.

Since I am traveling solo, leaving my wonderful wife and two great dogs at home, it would be great to met with Vizsla owners along the way for a beer and maybe a meal.
If you are in the general route of my trip and would like to join me at a local pub near your home town or city, e-mail me at:
I don't really want to stay in cities or do much of the tourist things, but this is my first time to England and driving on the right side of the road, so I can't venture too far off the path.

One of my favorite books of all time is "In Search of England" by H.V. Morton written in the 1920's. Hope the weather holds up.

Cheers from wet Northern California.


Dexter said...

Hi Rod, so you are joining a Viz Whiz in the New Forest... I havent been along to one for a while, I will see if I can make it down there :)

Rod Michaelson said...

Be very interested in meeting all of you either on the walk or in you home towns. The passion the English Vizsla owners have is very enjoyable to see from the blogs I read. John and Juliet both came to California last year and we talked about this back then. Been looking forward to it ever since.