Monday, February 1, 2010

My Redbirddog jackets came in

Two months ago I ordered Carhartt J25 hooded jackets for the crew that works with me.
I had ordered 15 jackets in dark brown with our company logo and the employee's name on the front.

After they arrived I really liked how they looked and how warm they were. I chose to get a couple in moss green with the copper Vizsla embroidered on the back from the same company.

The artwork of the Pointing Vizsla was from the decal I like so much. I purchased the right to use the artwork on two jackets for $35 from:

and placed the copyright below the left rear leg.

I think they turned out well.

When you see me at pointing dog field trial or just on a walk along a trail, it will be easy to know who Chloe and Bailey are.

They should be the ones somewhere around the jacket.


Radar Red Dog said...

Oh wow Rod...I just love the decal & jacket - I'll have to show John...hee, hee! BTW could you let me know where you got the "pitta dog beds" from - I'd love a couple & Radar's sisters owner (the one with the new puppies) would like a couple too. Thank you...see you really soon. Juliet x

Rod Michaelson said...

The easiest way is search "sleeping bags" from on the search field on the right. You can link from there the E-Bay site. For Vizslas, you want to get XL ones.

Andrew Campbell said...


Just saw those jackets! Nice! Those are sweet. Gets my mind thinking.


G Money said...

Is there a way to order a sweatshirt with your logo as you are wearing in the images? Would love to get an XL!