Monday, February 15, 2010

Versatile Hunting Dog - Vizsla

Vizslas are part of a group of dogs that are classified as "Versatile Hunting Dogs."

Unlike pure pointers or pure retrievers or pure tracking dogs, a Vizsla can hunt, point, retrieve, track game both fur and feather.

This long weekend Bailey had a blast being a Versatile Hunting Dog. Chloe enjoys our walks out in the open spaces where she can do her "hunting".

Saturday morning, we were up in Briones open space and came across a large herd of cows. Bailey had his training collar on so we took the opportunity to work on leaving cattle alone. Along with the cattle in this large pasture were hundreds of birds in the grass.
He only once thought of bothering one of the cows before a "leave it" and a quick small jolt reminded him that cows were off limits. He got the idea and left the cows alone.

The rest of the time he had fun running among the cattle chasing BIRDS! He and Chloe had a wonderful time.

Yesterday was a pheasant hunt with Bailey, see previous post, and today was a two- hour walk in the Shell Ridge open space.

One unusual thing happened today that you don't see every day . As I was walking along the ridge heading back towards the Jeep. Bailey and Chloe were out of sight (very common on our walks). I heard a noise of rustling brush from my right and above.

A deer came bounding across the trail 15 feet in front of me heading down the hill.
Two seconds later, Bailey was in full pursuit, followed two seconds later by Chloe.
Down the hill all three ran until the deer started to pull away and I yelled at Bailey to "leave it".

Before I could reach for my transmitter, he had pulled off the chase and was returning to the ridge where I was walking. (pictured below)
Before I went on this walk, Joanie and I talked about how these walks now take up the time I used to do projects around the house such as: chores, gardening, tinkering with cars, remodeling.
But after I got back from today's walk in the hills with Chloe and Bailey, there is nothing more important that can't wait.

It is seldom a dull walk with these two.

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