Friday, August 7, 2009

The RV life with Vizslas

Dogs and RVs go together well. In our longest RV trip so far (all of six days) we found that taking the dogs crates and having them sleep in them made life at night better.

In the morning, I would take them apart and store them inside each other and place them back on the bed.

The learning curve on how to travel in an RV is quick. You find out the mistakes quickly and how all the little parts work. The 23 foot Aero Cruiser is just right for two dogs and two adults for a couple weeks at the most.

For field trials they are great. Many field trials are Saturday and Sunday events with an area that you can set up for the night. Most of the time you are "dry camping" with no external power, water or sewer hook ups but a good RV is self contained and has no problem going a few days on the batteries, generator, propane, stored fresh water and holding tanks.

All the conveniences of home with XM radio and DVD players and TV sets for the evening makes being out in the middle of no where very pleasant.

Some RV places are green and lush with many extras. Others are dry and simple but in wonderful locations.

Every RV park we have stayed at has been fine with Vizslas, as long as they are on leash while in the park and are not left alone in the RV while the owners go out somewhere else.

It has been a great way to see the West. Many trips in the RV to great places in search of birds, ribbons and some very cool spots!

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Anonymous said...

I may have to get one of those! But, then I will need to store it too. So much for being a minimalist.