Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cal Dogs and Oregon Ducks

Last Wednesday morning on the eastern shore of Diamond Lake, Chloe spied a group of ducks heading her way. Her brother Bailey had chased them out of their nice shoreline hide-away.

Diamond Lake is a jewel of a lake in the Cascades about 10 miles north of Crater Lake.

The large family came swimming closer and closer towards Chloe.

Now they were close enough and Chloe thinks she can swim fast enough she can catch at least a few of them.

After another minute of watching, Chloe jumped in the crystal clear water to make a hard swim after these feathered creatures. She likes ducks.

Bailey joins the action. They, as a team, can catch these slow Oregon ducks.

Under Mount Bailey (actual name of mountain) Chloe and Bailey swim half way across the lake until the realization comes that these ducks can stay JUST OUT OF REACH.

So after 10 minutes of pure swimming enjoyment my two water logged Cal dogs come out of the water. The Oregon Ducks safely swam away. Wait until football season!

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