Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happiness in our back yard

A short 10 minute walk from our house is the gate to the Acalanes Open Space in Walnut Creek, California. It is now the end of August and the hills are golden brown. We have not seen rain for over four months and we are looking forward to some fall rains that will make everything green again.

Temperatures can change dramatically from day to day. Yesterday at 8am on this ridge it was 90 degrees. By 3pm it got up to 103. Today at 8am it was 55 degrees and we'll get up to maybe 80. The wonderful Pacific Ocean air conditioning system has kicked in!

Just before the gate to the open space, in a shaded valley is the Larkey Reservior with a drinking faucet. Great on a warm day.

On a weekend we will come across 10 to 30 people and their dogs on a morning walk.

There are several Vizsla owners in the area that take advantage of this space. At last estimate eight Vizslas run happily along the open trails and through the oak valleys. Almost everyone up on the ridge knows our dogs. I was thinking of calling it "Vizsla Hill".

Happy dogs after an hour of walking in the morning breeze.

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Anonymous said...

For me, its about the relationship and lifestyle. Working the dog's mind adds to the relationship. Working the dog's body adds to the lifestyle. The added bonus comes from the social life attached.