Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crater Lake - Wow

It is hard to explain Crater Lake besides a huge hole in a mountain that is full of crystal clear blue water. The interior walls show the force of the mighty volcanic explosion that blew the top half of the mountain off many millennium ago.

Early morning on a Friday, at the end of July, was a great time to visit. The massive summer crowds arrive later in the morning and over run few roads. We arrived at around 8am in the RV to the north gate and made our way up the road to the rim. The 23 foot motor home would be about as big as I would have wanted to travel the narrow rim road. The road is steep at times and there is no shoulder with long drop offs.

The dogs were not overly impressed as there were no birds or open fields to run in and the water was WAY down there so they couldn't even swim. A trip worth taking to see but stay at Diamond Lake just 10 miles to the north. Diamond lake had a lodge, RV parks and camp sites

I'll just post pictures taken from the rim.Pictures on the web are better but you'll never get the feel until you stand on the rim and look out over a speculator sight.

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