Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our first mobile dog house

Our first RV was a 1987 Nissan truck with a pop-up motor home called "The Bandit" I purchased in the fall of 2007. This was a great little rig that was only 17 foot long but had a sink, stove, ice box, dining area, and when you popped the top, a queen-sized bed! With a V6 and 5 speed it would travel down the road and get 20 mpg. These pictures were taken on a week-long trip we took along the whole Oregon coast and then across the top of Oregon to The Dalles and then south through Bend before heading back to the Bay Area.
It proved to be too small for two adults and an active Vizsla, so we had to move on up to the Aero Cruiser in June 2008. Before Chloe and Bailey we had always flown and vacationed at hotels or resorts. How these red dogs have changed our lives!

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