Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Letter from Jack Sharkey

Letter from Jack Sharkey to me on June 8, 2009

"Sounds like you are really hooked as I was on working with your dogs and having a ball of a time. The only comment I have is that you really need to be careful using a shotgun around your dog without really preparing him for it. Please be careful as once a dog becomes gun shy, forget it after that! I can't emphasize this point more strongly.

I will look for Bailey's name in the blue ribbons from the West Coast. Good luck in your training and above all, be gentle with your Vizslas. They are really soft as you know, but will do anything for you in return for your love to them.

Have a terrific day!"

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Andrew Campbell said...

Rod: just saw this post of yours. I'm lucky to have met Jack a couple of times (and he is a true gentleman) and to see his great dog, Lady Brinkley, run at Nationals this year. He is a great example of perhaps why the vizsla is unique -- in that they bond so fully with their owners that the dedicated owner-trainer-handler really can compete equally with the professional trainer-handler.