Sunday, June 28, 2009

Napa River dog wonderland

105 degrees here in Walnut Creek this afternoon (Sunday). Made the plan to escape the heat in the boat. At 7:30 this morning, out the driveway we went with boat in tow heading towards the launching ramp in Martinez. By 8am we were on the water in the Carquinez Straits headed towards the Napa river inlet. Of course both the dogs had their life jackets on.

Up through Vallejo and up about 15 miles of river to the John F. Kennedy park.

At the park's launching ramp we docked our '82 Malibu day cruiser. The boat run up the river was smooth. The cooler temperatures along the river were wonderful. An hour after leaving Martinez Marina we were enjoying the park.

The dogs are off-leash along the river (later we found this was a new ticketed offense). Here they played for a couple hours in the water and along the shoreline. A great hidden treasure for dogs and dog lovers (even with leashes on). Even better if you can get there in a boat.

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Amanda said...

Wow- that looks like a fabulous place!