Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why we got Bailey

Bailey joined our family last year. His birth date of June 18th, 2008, was about the same time our oldest daughter, Jessica, told us we had a grandson on the way sometime in the winter.
We had thought about a second dog soon after we got Chloe. By June she was just about a year old.
After we found out our grandson was going to be arriving soon, we had to think about the timing. Either now or wait four or five years for the second dog. In early August, Kay Ingle said she had a "nice big boy" available from Brit and Jaks' breeding. We went over to her house and we both knew he was the one. At eight weeks old, Bailey came home to live with us.
We wanted the pups to be past puppyhood before the baby started to crawl and wanting to play "pull the tail of the doggie,"
Joanie and I believe our dogs found us more than we found them. The timing was perfect and so are the dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog Rodney/Joanie! I will be reading/following!