Saturday, March 12, 2016

Valley Fever - Physical and Emotional Roller Coaster

The whole of this week has revolved around the health of our 7-year-old male Vizsla, Bailey.

I have placed a whiteboard in the kitchen and track his daily weight, his medication schedule and his temperature morning and night.
 This has been a week of highs and lows for both Bailey, my wife, and me.  Chloe even feels the strain.
With the reduction of Bailey's fever on Wednesday we took a nice three-mile hike.  His temperature had been down and he seemed good.  By that night his temperature was above 103.5 and he could not put weight on his left leg.  He looked bad.

I called the veterinarian hospital first thing Thursday and asked what anti-inflammatory we could give him to reduce the pain in the leg.  By noon they called back and had a prescription of Carprofen for the boy.  We got home, gave him some and by evening his temperature had dropped from 103.8 to 101.2 and he was no longer limping.
To get the weight back on, I made up a 15 pound loaf of Satin Balls and rolled out 116 meat balls about 2 ounces each.  He is eating now about 8 (or one pound worth) a day on top of anything else he'll eat. How to make them on the below link:

Today was good.  Tomorrow we don't know where this Valley Fever adventure will lead.  He is short of breath and coughing a lot today.  One day at a time.


Amy said...

What kind of bed is that in the photo that he's inside of?

Rod Michaelson said...

Amy, Body Gear for Pets. Post back in 2009 about these sleeping bags.