Thursday, March 10, 2016

First Hike with Bailey in 13 days

With Bailey's temperature down to 102.5 today and looking better, I felt it was time to see how he would do on a longer walk.  Since he was released from the veterinarian hospital a week ago we have done nothing more than walks around a few blocks or to the park.
Very skinny Bailey
So this morning the dogs and I headed out to the Carquinez Straits Scenic Pathway and let Bailey stretch his legs.  He did not do much running, but did walk the first half of the trail with no apparent discomfort.

Even though Bailey felt only like walking Chloe was enjoying running free!
But it wasn't until we got to the little pond that Bailey lit up and at the sight of the ducks swimming did he forget his troubles and went into hunting dog Nirvana.

Both Bailey and Chloe got a good swim in and Bailey ran for the first time in weeks.  The Valley Fever has affected his left rear leg also besides his lungs.

Bailey looked happy and for a short while healthy.  On the walk back though that left rear leg was giving him trouble, he was shivering from the swim.
Once home he had a hearty breakfast of kibble, chicken, steak, and cheese.  He is now sound asleep in his sleeping bag dreaming of ducks on the pond.

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