Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Valley Fever - Bailey is improving

Now that we know for certain Bailey has Valley Fever we are on a program to wellness with the boy.

It is now been 10 days since we first went to our family vet about what we thought was a bowel restriction and 7 since we suspected Valley Fever and just 3 since we've known for certain.

Last night the boy's fever broke and is about 101, which is normal.  My guess it will spike again, but remain lower than the original 104.

  He added a little weight also.  I modified a floor scale we had to be able to get daily weights of the boy.  Today he is 53 pounds which is 2 pounds more than just yesterday but before his first bowel movement so will drop a bit.

He has been enjoying the roasts that we have been making in the crock pot.  We use the juices and fats to put on the bison kibble also.  He is eating, taking his medications and doing a ton of sleeping.

I am glad I have been home during this "adventure" and not having to go to a job.  Over the last 8 years this dog has given me 100% of himself to whatever adventure the 2 of us have done together.  When I had shingles a few years back he lay on the bed not leaving unless to eat or go out to the bathroom.  For 3 days he stayed with me.
 It is only right that I return the commitment to his health.

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