Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hidden Treasure - Black Diamond Mines

A $5.00 entrance fee plus $2.00 per dog got me into this East Bay Regional park, where 100 years ago there was an active coal mine that served the SF Bay Area with coal.
Off of Highway 4, south of Antioch, is the entrance to this great little park.  Take the Somersville Road exit and head south until you get to the kiosk and pay your entry fee.  This is maybe 7 miles from the highway.
From there it is another one mile up a winding road to the general parking lot and trail heads.
 We first took the Stewardville Road trail into the hills.
The Homestead Trail Loop is a wonderful way to experience the east side of the Diablo Range.
Just south of the staging area of the "Somersville Townsite",
 we completely enjoyed a great off-leash set of three trails:
 The Ridge Trail, runs into Chaparral Trail, and then finally meets up with the Black Diamond Trail.
A mountain lion trap northeast of the Somersville Townsite
 Great nine mile hikes over three hours on a morning with temperatures in the low 70's.

Good time of year to explore this Hidden Treasure.

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