Saturday, February 22, 2014

Swim and Drink in Coyote Country

 During a wonderful new hike into the Black Diamond Mines Regional Park, we came across this lone coyote.
 The coyote was never in fear of my dogs catching him.  They are faster than domestic dogs.
Coyote in full song
About five minutes before seeing this coyote on this bluff, Bailey and Chloe took off into the hills  up ahead of me chasing something.

After about a half mile run into the surrounding hillsides, the dogs returned and wanted a good drink and slash in the cattle trough.

Was it the coyote they had chased or something the coyote had been stocking that the dogs scared off?  Don't know but my dogs came back happy and hot from their run and the coyote was none too happy to share his hills with these red devils.

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