Monday, November 11, 2013

Ground Squirrels Hide from Vizslas

In the hills, ground squirrels are in abundance.  Bailey and Chloe love to chase them into their burrows.
Once they enter the hole, Chloe and Bailey take great joy in digging after the little rodents.
In the above picture, the ground squirrel was somewhere between Chloe and Bailey.
The love of ground squirrels only are trumped by tree squirrels, wild turkeys and rabbits.
How nice of the rancher to place a bathtub in the middle of this field.
 Another great walk in the hills.


Mike said...

It was great to go hiking with you, Rod! We enjoyed meeting Bailey and Chloe.

Your pals are adorable and it was fun to shoot these pictures.

T. Mason Gilbert said...

Looks like fun Rod!

Rod Michaelson said...

Always enjoy the hills with the dogs Todd. Come up and join us one day.

T. Mason Gilbert said...

I promise to look you up next time I'm up there. Will stay in touch! Thanks.