Monday, October 28, 2013

Story of a Rescue Vizsla's Last Chance

Taken from the pages of Yahoo Groups: VizslaTalk.  This was a story of an urban Vizsla that was on deathrow and rescued from the clutches of death by a very kind couple;
Mr. and Mrs. Toadvin.  Here is Jane Toadvin's story of Bevo.


4 a.m. Friday, Hubby, Pastor Chuck, and Tony left with the truck and a trailer loaded with a tractor bound for the Houston area to drop off the sick tractor and pick up Bevo, the rescue dog. They arrived at the sick tractor place after noon and Peggy the rescue lady and her Hubby met them to turn over Bevo. Dog immediately took to Buddy and just LEANED on him. I think Peggy was about to cry. She had gotten fond of him and the dog gave her the "pathetic look" which made it worse.  Bevo rode in the back seat with Tony and got to stick his nose out the window and snuffle as well as hang his head over the drivers shoulder. With his history. NO CRATE. Couple potty stops were made with the dog scenting like a bird dog and wanting to go hunt! They got home here about 9pm. Long day for all, but Hubby is 82 years old now so he is gimping. "Bless his heart" too long a trip for the old geezer.

Bevo came in the house on a lead and was met by our other 3, 2 OLD geezer vizslas and the Muttley all standing shoulder to shoulder. Bevo held his ground and lifted a leg to try and mark one of my kitchen chairs. I saw it coming and let loose with one of my patented 
"ACCCCHHKKK!!!! " yells.  Leg immediately came back down with only a tiny drizzle and Tony took him back outside to walk around the yard. Bevo marked every bush. When he came back in they guys sat down to dinner and a round of well deserved martinis. Meanwhile, now off lead, I introduced Bevo to the other dogs. No problem. After a couple of good butt sniffs my old Red Dawg led the way, followed by equally old Rascal, then Bevo, and the Muttley taking the rear and the TOUR was on. It was like watching a parade or maybe a doggie choo-choo train. Bevo got led around every room in the house with plenty of sniffing time. Extra attention was paid to the bathrooms and Bevo politely sampled every porcelain water bowl. He was also led on and off every piece of furniture except the beds.(no dogs in the beds) Eventually they wagon trained back to the kitchen, circled the table a couple of times checking for leftovers and then, still all in a row, out the dog door. About 10 minutes they were back, still in procession, Bevo went to Buddy and leaned on him wagging happily. The other dogs went to bed. Pastor and Tony headed home, tired, well fed, and only slightly oiled, and Buddy held on to Bevo to make sure he did not follow them.

Distractions now gone I "YO DOGS" and they all ran back to the kitchen for the dispensation of the leftovers. Hubby as pack leader had eaten first so now according to pack ranking first Red, then Rascal, then Bevo (which surprised me as I thought Muttley would retain his 3rd place but I guess smelling like a dog and being long haired and black is going to keep him bottom peg) . Pack snack distribution complete, everyone headed for bed.

Bevo bunked next to Buddy on the floor beside the bed on bedding sent by Peggy, the Rescue Lady. Red lay on the carpet nearby to supervise. For a while. Then I guess Bevo got up so Red got up and they headed outside, followed by the other 2 dogs. All still in order. Short trip, by now it is cold out.  Then Bevo and Red on the couch and the other two flopped down somewhere. For a while. Repeat. This time Bevo down on the coveted comfy comforter next to me. Red again nearby and constantly going over and licking Bevos head. and the other 2 on the couch. Repeat over and over until morning in varying configurations. AH, morning. The dogs have been restless all night and I am tired. And the phone rings. It is the neighbor telling me that our horses are out and happily mowing her back yard. And so starts the second day.
Watch for the continuing adventures of the last chance dog.


So Bevo has now been here all of 9 hours and the first emergency has happened. Not having to do with the dog but the horses are visiting the neighbors. I roll tired Hubby out of bed. He's grumbling and cussing like a cajon while he dresses. And out the door he goes, turns around and comes back to find his parka. It's COLD out. Dogs all follow him out the door. He hops on his 4 wheeler and takes off. Muttley and Bevo follow, the old dogs watch them like they are crazy and come back in the house. Did I mention it's COLD OUT.

 And being a brisk morning the horses don't want to get caught and wheel it down one of the woodland trails. Buddy herds them with the ATV generally back toward the barn with the dogs galloping along having a fine old time out in the woods. Bevo is fine with the horses. Buddy finally gets the horses looped around the trail and back to the barn, puts them up and feeds them. BORED now Muttley brings Bevo back to the house, it's almost 1/4 mile away. The entire excursion was at least a couple miles. No one knows how long, if ever, Bevo has been for a run, off lead, like this and the dog is TIRED.  

He plops down on the couch and crashes. You can really see how he had not been eating at the Vets this past month. He is shiny but his hip bones stick up like razor blades. Back to the house Buddy gets coffee, grits, bacon, and eggs. Calls the dogs and they each get a tidbit. And then the old man goes back to bed. Blissfully the rest of Saturday is spent quietly. Watching TV and napping. Bevo discovers Buddy's laundry basket and dumps it, happily settling down to sleep on the nice smelly clothes. Red joins him and they snuggle up like a puppy pile. Never really seen this in adult dogs before. Bevo starts dreaming, feet going and making little squeaky noises. Red starts licking his face and ears. I think old Red Dawg is getting senile. It's like he is taking care of a puppy. Wierd. 

Afternoon,  Buddy makes a quick grocery store run. Dogs all follow him out the door and Bevo sticks his head in the car door like he wants to come too. Hubby was going to let him but the dog decides he staying home with Red and the two take off around the back of the house.  Not being from Texas, don't really like the name BEVO so today his new name presented itself...Red's Shadow. He and old Red Dawg have become inseparable. So now I have to retrain myself to call Shadow and not Bevo. Ah, and a quiet night. Except for Muttley doing his howling wolf impressions at 3 a.m., as usual.

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