Saturday, November 23, 2013

Vizsla's Obsessive Compulsive Order

 Chloe found a log floating in this small pond during our eight- mile hike this morning.  The water-soaked log must have weighed at least 15 pounds.  Chloe weighs in at 41 pounds.
Here she strides proudly with her found possession. 
She has always been obsessed with retrieving items.  We used to take tennis balls along, but when we quit doing this, she converted her obsession to a stick she would pick up during the hike.
For over an hour she carried the log and dropped it for me to throw, or she would pause to chew on it.
The stick never left her.
This new bench has been installed at a spot an hour into the walk.  The log stays closeby as Chloe and Bailey pose for the camera.
After 6 miles, she finally said good-bye to her cherished stick.  It had become much smaller and lighter.
The Hungarian Pointer has an embedded obsessive character.  That is why they have been such good gun dogs.  The bird or item becomes a compulsion.  But this isn't O.C.D., as it is not a disorder.
I call it Vizsla O.C.O.

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