Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vizslas and World War 2 Vehicles

This Vizsla stands in front of a Dodge field medical vehicle.  He had traveled 198 miles in just three hours before this picture was taken.  Below he sits in an open cab Dodge military 4 x 4.

 The weather had not gotten hot yet and the shade felt good on his fur.
John and Dawn have a great collection of WW2 gear.

In Cottonwood, California, at the third annual Viz Wizz hosted by Dawn and John,  Bailey and Chloe found two great reconditioned Dodge military vehicles.  John had restored them and did a wonderful job.





Dawn Duckett said...

Those are some excellent shots Rod! We all really enjoyed meeting you and the crew at the zoomfest today

Lindsy said...

Louie is starting to have some similarities in appearance to Bailey.