Sunday, August 18, 2013

Home in the Hills

Last Sunday's hike in Briones Regional Park out of Martinez, California.  Almost 10 miles of hiking for me and "hunting" for Bailey and Chloe.  They run maybe 25 to 30 miles.
 Another week of hiking in the East Bay hills.
Chloe jumped into this tree.  Squirrels can do it.  Why can't she?

Tuesday night's walk up in Green Valley Open Space. 
 Our "go to" quick 3 mile hike area.
Out of Borges Ranch (south of town) for a Thursday night hike.  6 miles.
 The Open spaces let the dogs stretch out their legs. It was hot.  90 degrees at 6:30pm.  Between the three of us, we drained my three liter camelback water pouch.
 Yesterday's hike into another section of Briones Regional Park.
8 miles.
Bailey and Chloe know every pond and water trough in these hills.
They jump in and cool off as they drink deeply.
After not seeing a soul for over an hour, we found ourselves on a part of the half marathon being run in the hills.  Luck we got through this section before the running "pack" came along.  We saw only the lead runners.
 The trails range from 12 foot wide fire roads to very narrow heavy wooded trails.  Most walks are a mixture of open space and forest.
 Nearing the end of yesterday's walk the dogs were tired.  They had run hard for over two hours. 
The last little bit of open space before getting back to the Jeep.
These ten pictures, I hope, capture why we hike the hills as much as we do.  These hills are open to well mannered dogs. Even though we see a few dogs on our hikes, I am amazed we don't see more people, in the Bay Area, taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity.  We hit the trails 3 to 5 days a week.  Bailey and Chloe LOVE it.  They have hiked with me in these hills since they were young pups. 
 Now at 5 and 6 years old they are a little more sore and beat up by the time we get home. 

The hills are our home. 

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