Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vizslas Seen through the Good Lens

I normally shoot with a little Nikon Coolpik Camera, but tonight I felt like taking my good camera.
 The Nikon D70s digital camera is about 6 years old and the Nikon 18-70mm lens is really a quality piece of equipment.
 These were taken on our short "Green Valley" hill walk tonight.   The Pacific breeze blew in from the west and it was cool and refreshing after a few days of dry winds out of the east. 
  These pictures were from the ridge overlooking the Diablo Valley.
On a normal walk there are many photo opportunities.
Nothing exciting or exotic but hopefully the "peaceful-easy feeling" translates to the computer screen.

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Anonymous said...

They are great pics Rod. Good to see your pups looking so happy.