Sunday, December 2, 2012

Walking Sticks Help in the Hills

 Last spring I purchased a set of walking sticks for the hill hikes I do with the dogs.  Today, after a three-day powerful winter storm came through the Bay Area, the trails were small streams flowing into creeks.  

Good walking sticks made the hills, very slick with mud, manageable.

This had been dry just four days ago.
 Almost fun actually.  I knew it would be very hard, if not impossible to get up into the upper trails without the help of the sticks. 
 Going down the slippery paths, the Black Diamond brand adjustable poles were even more helpful.

 Chloe and Bailey loved the creeks and ponds. 
The earth was soft and a real joy to dig in. 
 There was a ground squirrel in this one.
The ground squirrel was safe this time.

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