Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not a Vizsla!

Sent to me a friend yesterday:

"Hi Rod, 

Met a Hungarian Vizsla breeder with thick accent and all.

 He took an interest in my Vizsla and congratulated me on keeping him intact. 

But, next he said something strange "You don't have a Vizsla!!!"

"How so?", I asked.

"You see, it may look like a Vizsla but dogs have a mental part and a physical part."

"Your dog's mind is not Vizsla. A Vizsla's only purpose is hunt and behaves affectionately toward people and other animals". 

He also said these days it's just not possible to hunt breed in Europe so breeders reluctantly are forced to accept the family dog role of the Vizsla.

1,000 years of refining the hunt instinct and behavior and Socialism destroyed all that in 60 years.

I got the affectionate part, my Vizsla is very affectionate but, how did he know my dog is not hunting?"


Harry said...

Interesting, maybe I will return my 3.5 yr old to the breeder....since he's not a hunter, clearly I was duped :D

Some people have all the knowledge don't they.

Rod Michaelson said...

Depends if you were WANTING a HUNTER and the breeder didn't breed "to the hunt" and duped you into a faux (When manufacturing faux objects or materials, an attempt is often made to create products which will resemble the imitated items as closely as possible. However, some products are intentionally made to look "faux"...) Hungarian Pointer. There is a 427 Shelby Cobra car made in the late 60's that is worth $250,000. Then there are the "knock offs" you can purchase for $20,000. What's the difference?