Monday, December 10, 2012

Bailey Finds a Bird

We went pheasant hunting with Bailey and a fifteen-month-old female named Riley yesterday morning.   Riley was kept back on a long check cord when we had bird contact.  Earlier Riley had flushed a couple roosters to her complete delight.

45 minutes into the hunt, Bailey came across this pheasant in the tall grass.  I almost stepped on the thing before bending down.  The bird looked in good shape but must have been nicked earlier in a hunt by a shot as it did not fly upon being released.
Riley was very interested as Ashley and Reuben (Riley's owner) looked on.  
Funny note:  You hear me say "Bailey, here, come here" repeatedly.  He could not see me because the pheasant's wing was open and covering his eyes.  It was a "blind" retrieve, so to speak.

 To expand the view tap the bottom right icon next to the YouTube logo.

And then there was the one that got away:  Easy shot that I forgot to lead the bird.  Bailey did his part.

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Ramon said...


When are you and Bailey coming over to hunt some snipes with Pressy, Archie and I?

Our Best,