Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Win Finally in Senior Hunter and Bonus

On a fine Saturday July morning,in the eighth attempt at a AKC Senior Hunt test, Bailey did very well.   
I had not passed the six Master Hunt tests before I backed up a step to Senior Hunt.  I tried four times with no success.  My friend and current trainer, Ken Kuivenhoven, took Bailey for a bit this spring and got two legs of the five we need for Bailey to achieve the AKC Senior Hunt Certificate. 
 Today, it was my turn. We got through today with two great points and both times Bailey was steady to the flush and the shot.  His retrieves were fine.  We finished with a back course find of a bird.  In the "backfield" you use your blank gun as the bird flies away. 
8.8 out of a possible 10.  Very happy.
  I really enjoyed this morning.  This is a great game.  Hard as heck at times.  We try for another pass tomorrow afternoon.  It will take five passes.  
The bonus was when Bailey's off spring "Belle", who is 14-months-old, passed her first leg of "Junior Hunter."  Julie owns Belle and handled her to a pass.  Julie owns Placergold Vizslas and Bailey has sired the two last litters. 
 Belle is a great looking Hungarian Pointer and a very young good hunter.

It was a last minute choice for Julie to handle Belle.  She did wonderfully.  Here was her e-mail me tonight.
"Enjoyed today so much I am now shopping for my own pistol, and boots, and a whistle like yours, and the collar that reverses[top dog, bottom dog].What else????? I'm hooked and owe it to you. I'm not sure if you had all of it planned[me the handler] but it looks like genius to me.I truly did not have time to doubt myself, which is very good. How easy I can convince myself I can't do something is amazing. I am sorry not to have signed up for tomorrow, but did get a calendar for the future.
Good Luck tomorrow, and thank you for the vote of confidence. I KNOW Belle has it in her, she just needs to teach me. Hasn't gone but two feet away from me since our adventure." -  Julie
Julie at the start line of her and Belle's first ever Junior Hunt Test
A very good day!


Julius said...

Congratulations to you and Bailey, Mighty Hunter. All is good.

Ken and Janet said...

Good Job Bailey! I say this because I'm sure he pulled you through it Rod. :-))))
Seriously, Congratulations to all! It makes the pass all that sweeter when it's been a difficult point to achieve, doesn't it?
Good luck today!