Sunday, July 8, 2012

Young HSPs (Vizslas) in the Field

There are Vizslas as pets and then there are Vizslas (HSPs) as hunters. 
Bailey and his daughter Belle in the fields
 I enjoyed the company of three Vizsla owner's that wanted to get more "out in the field" and see what their gun dogs could do.

Ashley and Reuben brought out Riley ( Living the Life of Riley Blog ) and Julie brought out Belle.  Belle is one of Bailey's pups from his first litter.  Lynn came out with her senior citizen Vizsla (show champion) for the first part of the training.  She had come out to meet with Ashley and Reuben.

We started the day at eight a.m. by going to the Hastings Island club house and signing in.  I bought three birds and we went out to train in a field about a half mile away.

There were other HSP trainers and owners working their dogs in the field next to us.  At one point we had eight Hungarian Smoothcoat Pointers (Vizslas) in the fields.  Good sign for the breed.

I worked Bailey on the first bird after we parked the trucks and got the gear out.  Bailey and I are preparing for next weekend's Senior Hunt test.  Ashley, Reuben and Lynn followed along at a safe distance back.  Bailey worked the bird flawlessly and even though he had trouble finding the downed bird, did and retrieved straight back to my hand.

The rest of the two hours we worked with the two pups on a bird each and then just let them play.  At one point I had dropped my blank gun in a very large field.  We searched for it using the dogs to help. 
 Riley found it and pointed it out to Reuben who returned it to me.  Good Girl Riley!!!

I am not a trainer but did enjoy working with these pups.  It takes birds to make a bird dog.  Lots of birds.  It takes time to put all the pieces together to bring out the best in a gun dog that loves upland birds.
Four years into this Gun Dog lifestyle and I can't think of much better.
Ashley working with Riley as Belle watches
We had a bit of time at the end so I went and got one more bird for Bailey to work.  He sat in the Jeep as I walked two hundred yards to plant the bird.  My plan was to circle around a bit with Bailey and come into it after about ten minutes.  No luck.  He had watched me and made a beeline for the bird.  He had to stay on point for a few minutes as I walked over to him.  Upon the flush and the bird flew away, I thought I had missed the bird.  It flew about a quarter mile and then dropped to the ground suddenly.  I sent Bailey for the retrieve.  A couple minutes later he arrived back to me with the bird and handed it to me.  Good Boy Bailey.
Belle watches as Riley retrieves a small bird shaped "bumper"
And so goes another Sunday morning out in the fields working with dogs.  The Oakland A's are playing today in Oakland.  In days past I might have made the drive out to the game. Being a baseball and football spectator was part of many weekend activities. 
   Now after Sunday morning in the field it is a good Sunday afternoon nap.

Life's good.

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magic said...

Looks like fun. Good Luck on the upcoming hunt test, I am not going to make this event but look for me in the future!