Monday, July 9, 2012

Skunk 1 - Chloe 0

In a rematch between my two Red Bird Dogs and the local skunk tonight,  RBD is 0 for 2!

We admit that the skunk that lives in the open space above our house is superior to the two Hungarian Pointers and can bring them to tears on his terms.  

Last year it was Bailey's turn to learn to leave Pepe alone.

  Tonight was Chloe's time to test whether or not a skunk can be messed with.
I guess you can tell by the pictures below how that turned out.

Skunk Juice from Brian's place website:

1 Qt 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tsp. liquid soap
"All you need to do is wet down the dog with a hose, mix the ingredients together in a container, and then slowly pour the mixture over the dog while rubbing it into the fur. After the dog has been bathed in this solution rinse it down with the hose and the dog will be odor free. My dog weighed 90 lbs so I doubled the amounts shown above, but if you have a small to medium size animal, the recipe listed should do just fine.

Although the ingredients are not dangerous, care should obviously be taken to keep the solution out of your dog's eyes, ears and mouth. Also remember that hydrogen peroxide can bleach clothing and hair, however, my dog's fur never changed color or even faded.

Credit for this remedy goes to chemist, Paul Krebaum, of Molex Inc. in Lisle, Illinois. The above listed ingredients were published in the August 1995 issue ofPopluar Science." 


Ashley Qualls said...

Poor Chloe! She looks so upset in the tub. I bet she's learned her lesson now! :)

Ken and Janet said...

And Today... It's Scarlet's turn. Truly "skunked" this morning. Two one hour braces with four dogs over nearly 1000 acres with no birds and one "skunked" dog.

Ken and Janet said...

Still smells a bit, but better. I'll let her cool out in some cedar shavings for a few hours and maybe repeat.