Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chloe's Mom Passes over the Rainbow Bridge

Have tissue at hand before viewing.

Chloe's mom, Ruby, passed over the Rainbow Bridge at the too young age of 11, a few weeks back.  
This "Ode to Vizsla"  goes out to Vickie and Randy, whose love for the breed was my introduction into the Vizsla world.

When Joanie and I went to see the new born (10-day-old) pups in 2007, we saw Rosie (our first Vizsla ever).  We were greeted at the door by Rosie, with a plush stuffed toy securely in her mouth and tail wagging.  Actually, like Chloe, everything behind her front legs wag. 

 We fell in love with this wonderful dog and knew we wanted one of her pups.  Over the next six weeks, I visited three or four times a week as the pups grew.  I got to know Vickie and Randy and how Vizsla addiction becomes overpowering.

Spent some time with Randy and Vickie yesterday at the annual Vizsla Fun Field Days.  Bodie, Chloe's brother, is doing well but as they heal from the loss they are starting to looking for their next red bird dog pup to refill their lives. 

Pictures of Ruby and Chloe from two years ago at the 2010 Vizsla Fun Field Day below.

Good bye Ruby.

Chloe looks a lot like her mom.  A very good thing.

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