Monday, April 2, 2012

Dog 101 - The Vizsla in Hungary

Hungarian language TV introducing the current Hungarian smooth coat
 and wirehaired Vizslas.

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 Explains basic history, standard look and hunting behavior to a limited degree. Apparently, the Vizsla should not be trained by strict standards like the German standards and the dog seems to be linked to Hungarian culture, food, etc. In no way is it fearful or aggressive.

 Training can be tricky because the dog anticipates to a higher degree than other breeds what is ask and that could be interpreted as stubborn. Overall, it tries to adapt in most circumstances.

 - Posted by a senior  Hungarian Vizsla Forum member.

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Ashley Qualls said...

Hungarian Vs are so gorgeous! Much more substantial than our skinny US Vs. Makes me want to have our next V pup shipped from Hungary!