Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vizsla Owner goes Bald for Cancer Research

Mary Joan with granddog "Fawkes"
 Saint Baldrick's is a charity to support childhood cancer research. 

 Folks sign up to have their heads shaved and ask for sponsors.  We were happy to help.
 Mary Joan, Ken and Aaron have a connection with us.  Aaron, has Fawkes, one of Bailey's pups from his first litter.  Ken, Aaron's father, is waiting for a male from Bailey's second litter that just arrived Wednesday. 

Vizslas look even better with bald people.

  Thank you Mary Joan for raising a lot of money for the kids!
If you do it next year, I'll see if the Vizsla community can sweeten the Saint Baldrick's pot even more.

1 comment:

Rod Michaelson said...

Rod, Thanks for the link! Your kind words are very touching, shaving my head is such a small thing to do for someone who is suffering. You made me feel famous!
Mary Joan