Monday, March 5, 2012

Final Pheasant Hunt of the Season

 Sunday was the last day for our pheasant hunting until the fall.
 Bailey, Chloe and I were joined by Arya (12-month-old female) and Tobi (10-month-old male).  Both wonderful young vizslas.
 Arya's human, Lief, brought his good camera and caught Bailey and I working a few pheasants.
We spent one hour in the field.  Bailey pointed and we produced five pheasants.  We took my two final birds. 
 The bird above flew low and right into the sun so I let it fly away.

 We have a great time "in the field."

"Most well-bred dogs are smart, but the real intelligent ones can be a challenge to train especially for amateurs. As a breeder and field trialer, I want intelligent dogs and believe they are superior bird dogs, but I am attracted to them because they make me sharp, keep me on my toes and teach me a lot more than I teach them. To quote a successful horseback pro-trainer, “Intelligent dogs are more fun to train.” I should add—if you know what you are doing." 
 - Martha Greenlee 3/5/12 

This has been our first full hunt season for Bailey and me.

Had a wonderful time sharing "the field" with over a dozen folk that also love these great red bird dogs!  Many of them for their first ever hunt.


Ashley Qualls said...

Great pics! :)

Aussie Vizsla Diaries said...

I've been checking in awaiting what you would do this weekend!! I just love what you and Bailey have achieved. Awesome stuff. Next visit to the U.S. I'm coming to live on your couch for a few weekends!

Rod Michaelson said...

You are always welcome. We have a guest room. The coach has too many little red hairs to sleep on.

Aussie Vizsla Diaries said...

You forget Rod..... my little red haired beasties sleep on and often in the bed with me! Stick me in the Kennel with Chloe and we'll both be happy......