Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Diary of a Future Hunting Vizsla

Thanks again for taking us novices out on Sunday. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and fun morning. Seems like every day is a new adventure with our red-haired “child”. Here’s my hunting log…"
Best, Denise
They are so cute when they are young.

5:30am – Beep! Beep! Beep! goes the alarm clock

Humans: “Ughh, why did we decide to wake up so early on our day of rest?”

Tobi: “Oh my gosh, what are we doing? Where are we going? I get to go with you, right? Do I get to eat first? I’m starving…oh thank goodness, food!”

7:00am – Renedevousz at McD’s

Humans: “Coffee and Egg McMuffins…heaven!”

Tobi: “I know these other red-haired friends and I can’t wait to play with them! Can we play now?!”

7:30am – Chloe, Bailey, Arya and Tobi chasing Hares

Humans: “Wow, look at them go!” (in reference to both the hares and the canines)

Tobi: “Free at last! I smell something…I’m going to chase it! Yippee!! These things are so much better than my toys at home, maybe if I catch one Mom and Dad will let me take it home to play with!”

7:45am – The start of the hunt

Humans: Watching Bailey run zig-zags through the fields and Arya close on his heels. “So cool to see Bailey on point and Rod catching up to his dog to shoot the first pheasant of the day. Success!”

Tobi: “Mom and Dad are so mean, I can’t believe they left me in the car. I promise to let Bailey do his job and be on my best behavior if you’ll just let me out already”

8:15am – Tobi gets to venture out on a check cord

Humans: “Such an awesome sight to see the dogs’ noses working and the muscles pumping”.

Tobi: “Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! There are so many new smells…where should I go first? Oh, there’s my bud Bailey…what’s he doing? I think I’ll go chase him around!”

8:20am – Another pheasant spotted by Bailey

Human (attempting to restrain Tobi, who is whining and barking like mad, while watching Bailey on point and Rod and other humans following his lead): “Easy, Tobi, easy”

Tobi: “Mom is so mean, she is holding me back from all the fun! I see Bailey doing something really cool up ahead and I really want to go check it out! Please, Mom, please?!”

8:21am – Pheasant #2 down

Humans: Rod shoots and gets the last pheasant on his card.

Tobi (mouthful of feathers): “Oh my gosh, this is amazing! Never mind about the hares, I want the pheasant! Please, pretty please can I take it home with me? Pheasant!”

8:30am – Back to the Clubhouse

Humans: “Thanks so much, Rod, for taking us out AND sending us home with cleaned pheasant for dinner. What a great morning!”

Tobi: “We’re done already? I could go all day!”

9:00am – Chasing Hares v2.0

Humans: “Maybe if we let the dogs run around some more, they’ll be on their best behavior for the rest of the day”.

Tobi: “Oh man, I remember this spot, this is the best thing EVER! I want to catch one of those hoppy things so bad!”

9:15am – Back in the car and heading home

Humans (feeling triumphant for accomplishing so much before 10am): “That was quite the experience. So neat to see Vizslas doing what they are bred to do and having a blast doing it.”

Tobi (panting): “I’m super tired. Thank you Mom and Dad for another fun adventure! Here, let me give you a kiss before I take a nap. Now could you drive me home?”

4:00pm – Pheasant wing Hide-And-Seek

Humans: “Let’s hide one of the pheasant wings that Rod gave us and see how quickly Tobi can find it. 1, 2, 3…”

Tobi: “There’s something good out here, I can smell it! Is it over here by the bush? No. Is it over there by the tree? I’m getting close, I can almost taste it. Ah ha! Here it is! Okay, let’s do it again. Mom/Dad, do it again, please!”

4:15pm, 4:30pm, 5pm – Slap! (the sound of the doggy door as Tobi goes back outside to “hunt” for more pheasant wings

Tobi.   Maybe one day!  Picture of Steve Artis who we met in the club house.


Aussie Vizsla Diaries said...

Great hunt reports guys and girls!! I wonder how hard it would be to import three dogs and a human to the U.S.? :)

Lindsay C said...

Hi Tobi,
I think you're my bro from the same litter - mom is Poppy, dad is Retro, right? And you had the green collar. I had the orange one. I'm Earl, and my folks take me to Hastings all the time. It would be cool if we could go together sometime! Check out my Facebook page - I'm Earl Casablanca.