Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who is leading whom?

 Had a great training session this afternoon. Chloe and Bailey treed something on our hill walk. I thought. "Ok, if I walk up to the tree, they lead me. I don't want whatever is in that tree."

 So I walked on slowly on the trail. I heard them barking. Before I got out of sight I gave them one toot on my whistle, which means "come here."

They didn't come but kept barking at the tree. I walked on. Now I am out of sight. 3 minutes pass, 4 minutes, 5 minutes. Finally Chloe comes up panting from excitement. She sees me and turns back away for the tree. I continue slowly walking. 4 more minutes.

 Chloe comes running up. A minute later Bailey comes running up. I did not acknowledge that they were even gone. I just kept walking and they moved ahead of me where I wanted them. I am my dog's pack leader. They go where I tell them to.

 By the end of the walk, they assumed the heel position behind my left knee with no lead or command. They got the idea.

 Lesson for them and win for me. It was tough not seeing them for almost 10 minutes but it is their job to know where I am.


Anonymous said...

You know that is an interesting idea. I know you run your dogs with collars often, did you not feel to use them in this situation to call them off? I can see both sides of the idea. Luna has been loving the runs in the woods but it makes it much harder to keep track of where she is. As I want to encourage her to be up front, she has lost her natural check back lately due to her being so fired up. Maybe I will start some of this with her when we are more in the open see if I notice her picking it up.

PS. I left the versatile blogger award for you on my blog, gotta spread the Vizsla blog love

Aussie Vizsla Diaries said...

Your kids look in absolutely fantastic condition mate!! That pic on top of the hill is awesome!! I love seeing happy V's!!