Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday morning pheasant hunt with Vizsla

"Viszla nélkül lehet élni, de minek!
translated from Hungarian
"You can live without a Vizsla,
 but what for?"

Jessie Freidin, a professional photographer, joined Bailey and me out at Hasting's Island for an early morning pheasant hunt.

We had a great 90 minutes out in the field with Jessie following us with his wonderful film camera.  He is doing a portfolo of hunting dogs doing what they do.

I asked him to take a few with my little Nikon CoolPix that I am including here on this post.
In a couple weeks, I am looking forward to seeing the proofs of his prints.  Next to dogs, photography is my next love.

Jesse Freidin . Photographer

"In a world going increasingly digital,
Jesse Freidin dares to buck the trend." - Modern Dog Magazine

2010 + 2011 Best Dog Photographer in the Bay Area

Creator of 'The Doggie Gaga Project'


Tim said...

I have a 2 year old Vizsla I hunt with. Amazing! I wasn't even a hunter until I got her. It would be cool to meet up for a Vizsla hunt. I live in WC so feel free to reach out.

Rod Michaelson said...

Absolutely Tim.
I am off to a Senior Hunt test at Grizzly Island Saturday and Sunday in the morning and plan a quick trip to Hastings afterwards. I have 5 birds left on my card. e-mail me directly at

Kat Harrington said...

Hey Rod! While I do not hunt anymore, I RESCUE! I am looking forward to enjoying Jesse's exhibit! Please keep us posted on update!

Kat & her 'V' Mafia
~Celebrating 26 Years as an Animal Rescue Foster Mom!~