Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vizsla Senior Hunt Test - failed twice

The Irish Setter Club of Northern California sponsored a AKC Hunt Test at Grizzly Island last weekend.
About 50 pointing breed enthusiasts gathered on a cool sunny Saturday and Sunday. 

Bailey watched a brace on Senior Hunt Test dogs from the Jeep.  He was excited to get into the field. 

 14 dogs ran in Senior Hunt test (2 Vizslas).  12 dogs ran in Master Hunter test (3 Vizslas) and 40 dogs ran in Junior Hunt test (6 Vizslas).  This was an all day event done in two fields.  Master and Senior was held in one field and Junior in another.
Bailey was last brace on Saturday and he "bumped" a bird, which flew and Bailey chased it down and retrieved it back to me.  WRONG!  We were done.  Bailey was NOT steady to WING.  He was to freeze at the flush.  Oh well.
Sunday morning, one of our judges on horseback followed us through the field.  Bailey's brace mate bumped a bird early in and so the rest of the 30-minute brace it was just Bailey and me.  We got into the bird field after a great run.  He worked the first bird.  Held point through wing and shot and then retrieved back to my hand.  Looking good.  Second bird, he went on point.  He held on point 3 minutes as we got to him and the gunners got into position.  When the bird ran instead of flew: Bailey chased. 
 WRONG!  We were out.

So we did not pass, but what wonderful mornings out in the country.  Bailey is going into training next month with "A DOG MAN", like the guy who owns the above truck, for a couple weeks. 

 Bailey needs to work on more birds to get "steady" again with a professional.   We'll get there.


Lindsay said...

I'm loving learning about the Field Trial side of the Vizsla... our man, Sam, is coming to live with us on Sunday, and will be a companion, but I would like to get him involved in Agility or Flyball - or both!!
I love your blog :)

Aussie Vizsla Diaries said...

Doesn't sound like Bailey is too far away from getting it spot on though. After all, he has proved he can be steady to wing and shot once, so I am sure his hunts will improve with time. Especially the amount you put into them :)