Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Serenity of Being

 I know poets and song writers who can place words in lyrics and rhyme.
For me, I have no such talents. 
 Today, as I hiked the ridges of Briones Regional Park above the valley fog far below, I wished I had the poet's talent.  But words fail me and pictures do no justice to the feeling these walks bring to the dogs and me.
 Serenity of Being.  A state in which you are in the current moment completely and at peace.  This is the highest form of existence.

  I get so few opportunities in my day-to-day life when I can experience this state.  It is there for the taking with a little effort.
  When I do,
 I cherish those times.
In the hills this morning, there was no one but Bailey, Chloe, a few cows here and there, and a lone coyote off in the distance watching our movements along the trails.
 I experienced a great two-hour walk as the dogs had a fantastic
run.  They covered the hills and valleys like they were at home.  I kept up a steady pace through this breathtaking open space.

 We were at home. 
 I may live in a house, but I am most alive up in the hills.
So are the dogs.  My Vizslas live to run.

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Amanda said...

I live vicariously through you- being able to spend hours walking amazing landscape with my dogs sounds like heaven to me! Thanks for the inspiring words and beautiful photos!