Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hungarian ParAgility

"Agility is a kind of sport in which a dog is involved and where both pet and owner must work hard to gain success. What attracts a lot of people to take up this sport is its manifoldness, since no identical exercises are to be done during a competition. An auspicious competitor must know exactly what is going on in the dog’s mind and must be able to draw precise conclusions about his/her dog’s body language in order to forsee how it will react in different situations. It is essential that the dog should trust its handler and the handler should consider the dog as a partner rather than a manageable machine. With the majority of sports done with dogs, the physical condition of the owner is not relevant. In the case of agility, however, it is of great importance. A good competitor must also pay attention to his/her mental fitness, since he/she must give meticulous commands at a number of obstacles in moments of time. During the demonstration you will see another, more challenging version of the sport, requiring perfect harmony, congruous cooperation and a lot of training both on the part of the dog and the handicapped in order to achieve triumph." - Budapest, Hungary June 8, 2008

Some comments from You Tube viewers.

I almost cried watching this! It is absolutely the most beautiful and perfect agility run I have ever seen. What a powerful bond between Father, Son, and Dog.

Beautiful.... love how the dog pays so much attention to his handler.

One of THE most special, most beautiful Agility runs I have ever had the privilege to watch on the net, fantastic handler team, fab dog, a brilliant reminder of what agility is supposed to be all about xxxxx

Oh my goodness! What a blessing to be able to watch this precious little one work her dog through this course. What a privilege to be able to feel the love that is in this ring in this video. Great job!!!!

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