Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1 Vizsla - 4 Hunters - 13 Pheasant

Bird's Landing, December 28th, 2011. 

 Bailey earned his kibble today.  Went out with three friends this afternoon for a hunt in Field #2 at Bird's Landing Hunting Preserve.  
 My long-time friends, John and Mike, had never hunted behind a pointing dog.  I think they liked the experience.  Tommy had joined Bailey and me last year on a hunt. 
  Today Bailey worked the field very well.  He retrieved all the birds and didn't let any get away.  We hunters missed a few birds. 

We hunted the field in three 45-minute walks. This gave Bailey a chance to recharge his batteries. 

 He hunted a total of 2 1/2 hours.
  I could tell he was done after over a dozen birds pointed and retrieved back to me.
Field #2 at Bird's Landing Hunting Preserve. 
We hunted about 25 acres.
After the first 45-minute session.  Bailey was ready for more.
Bailey was one tired dog on the way home.

Quote from Jenny Hawthorn:
" Once the Vizsla owner comes to understand that they have a companion hunter, a friend with them in the bush, out on the tussock, or by the riverbanks, life just keeps getting better. Those who want a tool they can train and work and put away in kennels when not in use will never want nor appreciate the Vizsla. "


Tiltott Wellness said...


Do you know a vizsla breeder whose vizsla parents are fed exclusively or raw meat diet by any chance? Thanx.

Rod Michaelson said...

I have never met anyone that has done a BARF diet for their dog here in the US. I have freinds in the UK that do. Part of it has to do with availability of Raw acceptable foods.

OrganicThoughts said...

Hi Rod,

I know a V breeder in Vancouver, BC who only feeds raw and has 3 generations of raw fed dogs still kicking around. Let me know if you want the info.