Friday, November 11, 2011

Tribute to the Vizsla Puppy

Some people can make great videos with music that goes along with the story.

This one shows the playfulness and joy a Vizsla puppy can bring.

(Double mouse click on video after it starts to make it "full screen".)


Burdy said...

Oh (sniff) that is very moving. I have a 5 month old viszla 'Burdigan' who I am besotted with. My days are devoted to giving her a perfect life and it's endlessly rewarding. She would love to play on the beach with your precious girl - and she wouldn't mind one of those funky red coats ..

Jazha Buenrostro said...

My dog its a baby puppie 1 month old and the dad didnt like it so i just found out that the tail is red and in pain i dont want nothing to happen to it so plz help me i dont want nothing to happen

Rod Michaelson said...

Not sure I understand, but a trip to the veterinarian would be what I would do. Expect to go to the vet every couple months to get the shots anyway. Ask lots of questions. Your dad may like it once it is bigger if you train it. make your dog the best trained dog your father has ever seen!