Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pheasant hunting for Thanksgiving dinner

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Bailey and I were joined by Fawkes (Bailey's son out of last litter)and his owner Aaron for a pheasant hunt. 

We ran Fawkes (8 months old) for about 45 minutes with Bailey. Bailey and I worked a couple pheasant with Fawkes watching from a distance.  Fawkes has not been worked on gun shot before and showed nothing but excitement with running the fields with his dad.

After we put Fawkes away in his crate, Aaron joined Bailey and me for some walking miles in the fields for the next hour.  I  was in search of pheasant for the Thanksgiving dinner.
Bailey has become a great hunter.  His training is showing in his discipline around birds now.  He is holding through the flush and shot.  His retrieve to hand was perfect.  Very happy hunting.

We will add three pheasant to the turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. 

 Several of the guests will get to taste pheasant for the first time. 

Aaron took these pictures and he is going to do a write-up of what it was like to go on his very first hunting trip.  I'll post that write-up to redbirddog in the coming days.


Cosmo said...

Sounds like fun Rod!! My grandfather used to pheasant and duck hunt in Minnesota. I can remember having the duck when I was a kid. But I never got the chance to eat pheasant. What does it taste like? Don't say chicken. LOL You and Joanie have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Diana and I will also! One of these days I'll have to get up north to see you guys again.

Rod Michaelson said...

Pheasant cooked correctly has a unique taste. It would be closest to a Cornish game hen that you can find in stores. Very little fat but being they are "pen raised" pheasant, not tough. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Look forward to another walk. Maybe some East Bay Hills next time you venture up this way.