Monday, March 14, 2011

Pismo Beach - for happy beach dogs

Even though the beach requires dogs to be "on-leash," my 20-foot-long training leads that Bailey and Chloe had on brought only smiles from the park rangers as they drove by in their trucks.  The beaches are quiet this time of year.  Actually some of the best weather is this time of year along this section of the Central California Coast.
The combination of dunes and wide beach sands is unique in this area of the state.  The Pismo Beach State Park has miles of sand dunes open to 4 wheelers.  This is just south of town and directly below the Pismo Village RV resort that we stayed at last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (until we were ordered to leave.)

Bailey thinks he can "creep up" on a group of sea gulls

Early morning in the thick coastal fog, I let Bailey and Chloe off-leash on the beach (not officially allowed.)

  Besides a couple joggers, we had the beach to ourselves.  Bailey had a wonderful time chasing sea gulls and sand pipers along the beach and out into the surf.  He never got close, but was he HAPPY!  Chloe got to chase her ball.

Sunset from the Pismo Village RV resort

Walking the dogs toward the Pismo Beach pier

At 5am on Friday, March 11, we got a knock on the RV door telling us we had to evacuate the RV park and move to higher ground because of the tsunami expected from the Japan earthquake.  We packed up and left by 5:30 and headed inland.  This gave us the opportunity to find new dog-friendly "hidden treasures" before we headed to Morro Bay (20 miles north of Pismo Beach.)


Cindy Mommsen said...

Beautiful area...did you find any other places around there, that don't enforce a leash law?

Rod Michaelson said...

I did and will post tonight. Above Morro Bay.